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Course(s) Taught
Period Taught
Steve Perri
Introduction to Engineering DesignPrinciples of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
1, 2, 7
3, 5
Antonette Dela Cruz
Advance AlgebraAlgebra 1
Analysis of Function

Ryan Hilton
Physics Honors

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

Curriculum In Action:

Curriculum In Action:

Standard 2: Career Focus

Standard 3: Program of Study

Academy Sequence
Standard 4: Advisory Committee
Jessica Clayton
Perry Revlett
Steve Perri

Heather Flynn
Fred Urquhart
John Devito – UHS AP
Karen Chenoweth – UHS AP
Laura Marracino – Guidance Dir.
Mrs. Jennifer Hamilton – Nemours
Rafael Diaz – Halifax Hospital
Tammy Hollis – Robotics
Javier Sabin – Robotics
Dr. Walters – UCF (Biology)
David Griffis – UF Extension Services
Ginger Adair – VCS Environ
Amy Manoham – VCS STEM
Leanna Parrish
Ariel Gibson – Environ Tech Ambassador
Denise Montenegro – G&S Ambassador
John Hamilton - Engineering Ambassador
Kayla Hollis – Robotics Ambassador
Malorie Kinney – Biomed Ambassador
Amber Kelso – Biomed Ambassador (school-only)

STEM Academy Board Meeting Minutes Meeting started at 2:15 Robotics introductions- robotic hand Env. Tech introductions- grant Biomed introductions- FEMA Engineering Introductions - PLTW Gaming Introductions- certifications and Manatee Cove  Sponsorship opportunities  Volusia manufacturing committee  Raydon  What happened to Cavidian? (Purchased and new policy system)  Goal to prepare students and integrating our curriculum (Pure Scheduling, Model Spruce Creek Academy System)  At First many people didn’t know what STEM was, didn’t know the differences between academies. Word is getting out and over population is occurring--we cannot recruit.  We are trying to reach out in the community  Clarify the committee’s roles (why do we need you on board? 1. Help us 2. Keep us current and right 3. What opportunities are we missing?  More brains the better, it professionalizes that we are an academy and are reaching out to make sure we are helping our students the best ways possible  Opportunities for kids at UHS  Maximize our programs here before we add more  Co-curricular clubs (clubs, adding more hands on experiences outside the classroom also scholarships)  Ambassador, VMA awards, Job fair lady to get our students and career training, interview skills, etc.  Next meeting April 15th  Student Success Story: Mallory King (Conference , full face transplants, etc. Nominated to go to the Philippines.) Meeting ended at 3:30.
Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Pure Schedule
Data pulled by District
Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration
PLC: STEM Monday meetings during Office hoursDirector's Meetings
Collaboration via e-mail, phone calls, texts
ICW meetings
PLTW State Conference - Embry Riddle October 17, 2014
Standard 8: Staff Development
Director's MeetingsICW Meetings
Madatory Monthly Professional Development (ER Wednesday)
Weekly STEM PLC Meetings (Mon: 11-11:30)
Academy Application Processing/Qualifying - Feb. 2015
PLTW State Conference - Embry Riddle October 17, 2014
Standard 9: Articulation

Standard 10: Workbased Learning
Recruiting at High School Showcase
VMA Robotic Competition Fall 2014
VMA Showcase
Academy Students attended The University of Central Florida's College of Engineering for a one day STEM Symposium.
STEM Engineering students entered the Volusia County Fair bridge building and CO2 Dragster Competition.
Military Day (Jan. 2015)
Registration Night
Standard 11: Capstone Project

IED: 79% freshmen, 18% sophomore, 1% junior, 1% Senior
POE: 95% sophomore, 10% senior
AE: 40% junior, 60% senior
Standard 12: Marketing
Fischer Tech Fling Machine.jpg PLTW_square_logo_words.pngSTEM Engineering Logo.jpgTEC Logo_2014-2015.png
High School Showcase 12-11-14
River Springs Middle High School Registration Night
Sneak Peak-Jan. 21, 2015
STEM Registration
STEM Engineering Brochure
STEM Shirt
Showcase at River Springs Middle School for Parent Night
Articulation with feeder middle schools: Delton and River Springs Middle Schools
Ms. Dumas has been marketing to feeder school: DeLand and Southwest Middle Schools (Smaller population of students from the school.)
Ms. Dumas spent numerous days in Feb., October and November marketing and recruiting to students at River Springs Middle School.
Display tables at Women in Aviation Day and VMA Competition
UHS STEM Engineering Website:
Final Evaluation: